Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to enable xVM on Opensolaris 2008.11

Create a new boot environment called "xvm":
beadm create -a -d xvm xvm

Reboot into new "xvm" environment:

Download & install xVM packages:
pkg install xvm-gui SUNWvirt-manager SUNWxvm SUNWvdisk SUNWvncviewer

Modify xvm entry in /rpool/boot/grub/menu.lst to the following:
#============ End of LIBBE entry =============
title xvm
bootfs rpool/ROOT/xvm
kernel$ /boot/$ISADIR/xen.gz
module$ /platform/i86xpv/kernel/$ISADIR/unix /platform/i86xpv/kernel/$ISADIR/unix -B $ZFS-BOOTFS,console=text
module$ /platform/i86pc/$ISADIR/boot_archive
#============ End of LIBBE entry =============

Reboot into new "xvm" with xvm kernel:

Check xvm is enabled in kernel:
uname -a
Look for "i86xpv"

Enable xVM services:
svcadm enable -r xvm/virtd ; svcadm enable -r xvm/domains


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